Rougarou: Journey to the End of the Night

The World's Greatest Street Game - A Free Event in Columbus, Ohio on September 20, 2014 - Meet at the Wexner Center for the Arts at 7:00 p.m.

Imagine a giant game of tag mixed with a scavenger hunt, then add werewolves and the twilight streets of downtown Columbus. Throw in a big party at the Gateway Film Center.  That's Rougarou: Journey to the End of the Night (JEN).

JEN is a free street game to be held in Columbus, Ohio on September 20, 2014.  Rougarous are creole werewolves, and they'll be the "bad guys" in our giant game of tag.  JEN is fun and easy to participate in, no athleticism is required and it's a great opportunity to explore your city.

Meet outside of the Wexner Center for the Arts (1871 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43210) at 7:00 p.m.  Wear comfortable clothes.  Some people will wear their regular 5k shorts and running shoes, but jeans and t-shirts are fine too.

At the end, we'll have a big party at the Gateway Film Center, where we'll watch campy werewolf movies, share stories from the event and have some laughs.  The JEN game is fun for all ages (with a parent), but the party at the end is best suited for adults 18 and over.  Register on EventBrite now for a free ticket to the closing party.

Journey to the End of the Night will be hosted by Columbus Creative Cooperative, in coordination with local businesses and organizations, and with consultation from Story Luck, a non-profit organization that has run a similar event in Chicago for many years.

Gameplay & Rules

At the beginning of the event, you'll be given a map with the locations of 5 secret checkpoints.  Your job is to make it to all 5 checkpoints, in order, without getting tagged by a Rougarou.

If you get tagged, you become a Rougarou too, and you'll have to tag others (which is just as much fun).

At each checkpoint, you'll have to complete some sort of task to prove that you're still a human.  It's usually something goofy and fun (think Minute to Win It), nothing too difficult.

Throughout the course, there are safe zones (which will be indicated on the map) including around all checkpoints and bus stops.

Journey to the End of the Night is a creative commons game originally created in San Francisco and played around the world.  Learn more here. We'll use the same rules as the rest of the JEN events, but our theme is unique to Columbus.

Runners may use public transportation, but otherwise are limited to their two feet (no taxis, no bicycles, no roller skates).  Rougarous may use anything they'd like, except for personal automobiles.

In the event of a dispute between a runner and a tagger, the runner gets the advantage.  Be honest and remember that we're all here to have fun.  Additional rules and details will be explained at the event and included on your map.

How It Works


Runners start as “humans” and meet in front of the Wexner Center for the Arts (near the Ohio State University campus). Each runner is given a map with the locations of five secret checkpoints. Humans run from checkpoint to checkpoint, completing crazy tasks. If they make it to the end, they win!


One rougarou (a werewolf), will be chasing the humans from the starting point. If you get tagged, you become a rougarou too and must hunt and tag humans.


If more than half of the humans make it to the end without getting tagged, they win. Either way, we have a big party.  We'll give out awards to the best humans and rougarous!

Get Involved

Give Time

We'll need lots of volunteers to staff race checkpoints, help us to promote the event, make up materials and throw a great party.

Whether you've got skills or not, we can put you to good use.  Please contact us at [email protected], or use this contact form to get in touch with us if you'd like to volunteer.

Spread the Word

The best thing you can do to help is to get lots of your friends there to participate. The more people that show up, the more fun it is!

To stay in the loop with news and developments, you can join our e-mail newsletter, or RSVP to our Facebook event.

Sign Up

Get Started

Our event registration is handled by EventBrite. The game is free for all to participate in. But, to help us plan the night, will you do us a favor and register right away? The game is free for everyone.  We only ask that you chip in $5 if you want to come to the party at the Gateway Film Center, but don't want to come to the game first.

Click here to pre-register for the event.

The "Rougarou" Theme

The Rougarou is a Creole werewolf, which combine elements of European and Native American mythology.

The Rougarou is a central element to the book  Hagridden by Samuel Snoek-Brown, which is now available from Columbus Press. Find the book on here.

For the purposes of our game, the Rougarou is just a werewolf. But runners and taggers will be immersed in a broader creole Civil War theme, centered around this really cool book.

Samuel Snoek-Brown, the author of Hagridden, will be at the closing party at the Gateway Film Center.  He'll be available to sign books, answer questions and hangout.  If you're a writer or a reader, this is a cool guy to meet.